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Oakland Couples Counseling

To be human is to need others.

- Sue Johnson

Couples often find themselves caught in patterns of conflict that they would love to get out of. Most couples dream of living with better communication and less conflict. Fortunately, couples counseling was made for this. 


Whether you’re looking for couples counseling to increasing the level of commitment in your relationship, wanting to deepen your connection, or really struggling to keep the connection alive - you’re not alone and there is help.


Couples want: 

  • A relationship that isn’t so much work

  • To feel happy in their relationships

  • Better communication

  • The ability to have healthy conflict

  • More intimacy

  • A sense of reliability in the relationship

Eric Mill, MFT offers support for couples who want help on their journey. Eric offers help to those in San Diego, the Bay Area and all of California via Telehealth who are looking for couples counseling.

Eric Mill, MFT

I offer a space to hear what couples want and help them get there. I’m here to offer my expertise in getting couples to a relationship with more happiness, less conflict, and better communication. 

I am a Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) Therapist, meaning I have spent hours in consultation and training perfecting the art of EFT couples therapy. I have also had my video taped work certified by the International Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy in Ottawa, Canada. In addition, I have a wide array of training in other modalities of counseling for affairs, premarital counseling and individual therapy. EFT is scientifically proven to work, it helps 75% of distressed couples get to recovery and 90% of couples to significant improvement. I know many couples are suffering and because of that I strive to use what works and help couples get to a place of happiness and connectedness in their relationships.





1 hour/ 1.5 hours

Couples counseling is a place for couples to find real happiness with those that are most important to them. Couples dealing with conflict, communication needs, and other challenges that come from being in relationships can be uniquely supported through couples counseling. 

I offer both 1 hour and 1.5 hour Couples Counseling sessions  



1 hour

Individuals need support in dealing with their relationships too. Relationships with partners, family members, co-workers. My specialty in couples work uniquely helps my clients when working in individual therapy as we are able to dive more deeply into whats getting in the way of getting them to where they want to be.

Couples bootcamp

5 hours

For couples who cannot commit to weekly therapy I offer a deep dive therapy intensive. The intensive is time limited and focused on getting couples to a place where they deconstruct their conflict and deepen their intimacy in an abbreviated format. 

Intensives are best for couples who are looking to understand conflict and strengthen their connection.

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phone: 415-889-8441

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I highly value your confidentiality, please note that this form is not HIPAA compliant and should you want a more secure form of contact, phone is best for our initial contact.

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